Hear the entire conversation leading up to each appointment before you leave the office!

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  • Hear the prospect acknowledge they are the decision maker or describe their role in the decision making process.
  • Hear the prospect schedule the appointment.
  • Hear that from the tone and content of the conversation the prospect fully understands the purpose of the meeting and was not pressured into agreeing to the meeting.
  • Hear your tele-prospecting representative seek out any existing “pain,” besides rates, the prospect has experienced with their brokers and/or carriers.

“Our secret for success is not keeping secrets from our clients”

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All Calls made in the USA!

We start calling 90-120 days before the expiration date.

We schedule appointments with   decision makers ONLY at the precise time!

We customize a program designed to fit your sales needs.

Make a modest investment that will increase your sales goals.

  • Maximize Sales With 100% Qualified Appointments with an opportunity to make a sale
  • Continue monthly, no long term contracts required

The proven methodology to proactively address the emerging
Commercial Lines Insurance and Employee Benefits market!


With the dramatic changes occurring in the Commercial Lines Insurance and Employee Benefits market, we urge you to call us before your competitor does.