FAQs, Shared Concerns & Comparisons

What is an Appointment? What are your rates/special offers ?

An appointment is an opportunity to make a sale. Get Commerical Insurance Workers Comp Xdates from our database sources and Insurance Marketing Pros will pay HALF- a $300.00 Value- towards the database.

What is an opportunity? What do you mean, "All appointments are guaranteed?"

An opportunity is an appointment with:

1. A decision-maker

2. A decision-maker who has a need

3. A decision-maker who has a desire to meet with you

4. A company that meets your targets

All appointments are guaranteed:

1. If after listening to the audio recording you decide not to accept the appointment, we will replace the appointment.

2. If the prospect needs to reschedule the appointment, we will reschedule the appointment

3. If the appointment does not take place, we will replace the appointment

Your “no conflict of interest” policy, how does that work? Does this restrict my ability to do business with you?

Simple. Your specified targets will always be protected. How? Contact our representatives for further information.

We’re thinking of doing this “in house.”

That’s frightening! Smart Producers know that outsourcing appointment setting services frees them from the time, energy and expense required to hire, train, and monitor tele-marketers for a cold calling campaign.

Telemarketing is traditionally outsourced because Insurance and Employee Benefits Professionals have the opportunity to focus on the sales CLOSE.