Here's just a small sample of Success Stories we've received over the past quarter of a century.

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Joseph Raab, J.D., C.P.A., Executive Vice President, CBS Coverage Group, Plainview, NY

I am writing to express my appreciation and that of my colleagues here at CBS Coverage for the tele-prospecting services you have provided constantly for the past four years.

Joseph A. Faccibene, Jr., President, J.A.F. Associates, Rockville Centre, NY

As we begin yet another year together, I want to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent work over the last three years. As I observed last year, your work is really continuing to payoff, as the accounts you have generated begin to renew once again, the attrition rate on the opportunities you have present us, is nearly “0”. The dedicated representatives you have assigned to our account are precisely that, “very dedicated”. Your colleagues are highly professional, having a keen understanding of the current and changing conditions in the commercial insurance marketplace. The continuing upgrade of your information management systems allows us to laser in on prospects like never before. This has increased the efficiency of your staff allowing them to maximize their time when calling on our prospects. Furthermore it has lead to a higher hit ratio, by providing us prospects that we have a higher chance of success with. Your ethical “no conflicts of interest policy” allows me to highly recommend your services to my professional colleagues with confidence. Please keep the good work and thank you, once again.


Remmie Butchko, CEO, Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc., Silver Spring, MD

Thank you for the work you and your team have been doing for our agency. Through the years we have contracted with three other for outsourced telemarketing, but Insurance Marketing Pros is the first true success story we have experienced. In the first 60-days of service with Insurance Marketing Pros we have booked in excess of $30,000 in new commissions, not to mention a pipeline extending roughly 120 days into the future! Your firm is different from the others we have used. The frequent communications between your team and our staff has been the key to our success. The other firms had no qualms over wasting our time with poorly pre-qualified appointments, but this has been far from the case with you. Thanks again for your work to date, and we’re looking forward to continuing success down the road.

F. Jody Lughes, CIC, Executive Vice President, Carpenter, Cammack & Associates, Inc. Charlotte, NC

In a very competitive business, when you stumble onto a successful marketing scheme, the inclination is to keep it to yourself and go quietly about your business. Because of the way Insurance Marketing Pros respects territories and relationships, I felt compelled to write this letter on your behalf. Before finding Insurance Marketing Pros over two years ago, we had been using a “national” telemarketing firms for 4 years with mixed success. Consequently, every year we had difficulty in justifying the expense for such mediocre results.

The working relationship with Insurance Marketing Pros has been outstanding. They have been diligent in learning about our capabilities as an agency and the insurance markets we have at our disposal. In addition to developing a complete and accurate prospect list, they have done a remarkable job in managing our database. For example, we are running three industry specific campaigns involving eight producers in three different offices all assigned by zip codes. Insurance Marketing Pros not only assigns appointments to the appropriate producer, but monitors the activity as well. When they see an individual producer has been without an appointment for a period of time, they’ll concentrate their efforts on that person. This keeps everyone in the agency active and happy.

Another unique feature of Insurance Marketing Pros is their willingness to give an agency territorial rights by “sic” code. We feel a real partnership with Insurance Marketing Pros and no longer do we think about a telemarketer contacting a prospect on our behalf in the morning and later calling that same prospect again for a competitor. We have always tracked our expenses and successes in great detail. For the last two years, even before the hardening market, we generated approximately $2.50 in new commissions for every $1.00 spent with Insurance Marketing Pros. With the change in the current marketplace, the quantity of appointments has increase dramatically and we expect a much higher success ratio in 2001.

I can recommend Insurance Marketing Pros without hesitation or reservation. They are a 1st class, professional organization.


Thomas S. Carpenter, CPCU, Carpenter, Cammack & Associates, Inc. Charlotte, NC

I wanted to thank you for all of your help since we began our telemarketing campaign last summer. We have been very pleased with the professionalism of you and your firm and are quite pleased with our results. We have used other telemarketing firms but would recommend Insurance Marketing Pros as the best. We have developed a relationship with Ed Poteet and his ability to understand our agency targets and sales plans has been a valuable asset. His focus is on the best use of our telemarketing dollars and he is driven to provide us good results. We look forward to continued success with your firm.


Charles H. Collinge, CRM, CIC, Executive Vice President, Dodge, Warren & Peters, Torrance, CA

This is just a short note to mention how much I appreciate all of your hard work with our firm. You have been working with us for about 2 years now, and have made consistently quality appointments with a good-sized database that you have developed based on our specifications. We have gotten in to see decision-makers in large companies, often when other firms were completely unsuccessful in obtaining appointments. The prospect is virtually always ready for my visit, so a lot of time is not wasted on explaining why I am there. As a result, I have many accounts to work on in the future, and in this marketplace, we have the ability to help our clients immeasurably. It is a win win-win situation for all of us. I might have mentioned that on April 1 we wrote a substantial account in San Diego, which was one of the appointments, set by you. Results like this offset the cost of your services to us. Thanks for all your hard work, and I look forward to working with you in the future!


Scott G. Briscoe, ARM, Lovested - Worthington Insurance, Bothell, WA

I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with the services provided by Insurance Marketing Pros. We’ve only been at this for about six months so far, but we can already see the benefits. As you may recall, our previous telemarketing effort was kept “in house” using our own resources and staff. We had less than spectacular results in this area but were convinced that we needed to be doing it. When our last telemarketing person quit, we decided to try outsourcing as an alternative. We first called you in response to some materials you sent in the mail. Checking further, we found that your company offered a unique combination of insurance industry specialization and an understanding of the brokerage business. Also we didn’t want to do business with a company that didn’t offer exclusivity of the leads developed. The bottom line? We’ve been getting consistently better results with you than doing it “our way”. IC’s leads are better qualified for size, and fit for our office than we had been able to achieve on our own. We have a lot of people to contact now and some really exciting business opportunities to pursue based on the work you’ve done for us. Thanks. Wishing you and the crew at Insurance Marketing Pros a fun and profitable 1999.


J. Carlos “Shawn” Viana, Senior Vice President, Marshall & Sterling Upstate, Inc., Glenville, NY

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the fine effort you have made finding strong, quality prospects for our firm. You made a large commitment to us last year and you delivered. Frankly, I never envisioned myself writing a commendation letter to a telemarketing firm, but you guys made an impression on us. Thank you very much for your hard work. We look forward to continued success with your program.

Cecilia Kennedy, Marketing Director, Herndon Mahoney & Co. Fort Myers, FL

In the hustle and bustle of the year-end and the coming holiday season, I just had to stop and take a minute out to let you know how pleased we are with our Marketing program with Insurance Marketing Pros. The leads are always ready for us, and we have a hit ratio of almost 70%. They are good quality leads and the type of accounts that a good agent can service well and look forward to retaining for many years. Our thanks to you and David for your efforts on our part. Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Season.


John F. Watson, Jr., AAI, Senior Vice President, J. Rolfe Davis Insurance, Orlando, FL

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the telemarketing work your organization has done for J. Rolfe Davis Insurance Agency. The leads that you provided us with were outstanding. As a result of your efforts, we are currently in a position to gain several new large accounts. Please feel free to use me as reference. I will be happy to speak to any of your potential clients and can be reached at (407) 897-7418. We look forward to continuing a success program with Insurance Marketing Pros.


David N. “Bo” Montague, Jr., Vice President, USI Insurance Services Corp., Glen Allen, VA

I wanted to write to you to recognize, and congratulate, the job performed by Mr. Joel Dollinger on behalf of our agency. Joel’s persistence, dedication, and sales ability enabled our agency to meet personally with 17 potential prospects. Given the parameters that Joel was operating within, I felt that this performance was outstanding, and deserving of recognition. 17 appointments made on our behalf, in the short time frame that Joel was given in which to arrange these meetings, was truly impressive. Thank you again for lining us up with a professional of Joel’s capabilities. I look forward to doing business with Insurance Marketing Pros again in the near future.

Bill Powell, Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc., Itasca, IL

I am writing to let you know that we appreciate your telemarketing efforts on our behalf thus far. The appointments you’ve made have been of good quality and several have become clients. Our decision to retain your firm was a good investment. We strongly recommend your services and believe they can be very helpful to other brokers, just as they were for us.


Kimberly A. Pepple, Assistant Vice President, Quadrant Insurance Managers, Columbus, OH

I wanted to confirm a conversation that we had a few weeks ago regarding your telemarketing firm’s successful performance on our recent NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) campaign. Your firm delivered 186 completed surveys from 2,184 dial attempts made. Of the catering firms that participated in the survey, 66% were pre-qualified over the telephone for our insurance program and/or the sponsoring association. Beyond the statistical results, your firm’s ability to provide lead sheets via e-mail was very efficient. Your office was also responsive to our recommendations throughout the telemarketing process. Thanks again for a job well done.



Michael L. Kempski, President, CLA Insurance, Newtown Square, PA

I just wanted to drop you this short note to thank you for assisting us in our marketing efforts with New Jersey Physicians and Surgeons. We found, when we went on the appointments, the prospects were ready and willing to provide us with the information you had asked them to have prepared. As you know, many of their renewals occur on January 1st and the results are in. We are, needless to say, very pleased with your tenacity. You actually were able to arrange appointments for us in medical practices that we had tried ourselves to obtain appointments with for a number of years. We are both businessmen. The bottom line is very important to you and to our agency. I can assure you that your efforts have been financially rewarding to our agency. Thanks again for all your help.


Matthew D. Lanza, ARM, Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., North Quincy, MA

I am writing to you to thank you for your efforts to date. You and your staff have been helpful in constructing a strong prospecting database geared toward our local office strengths. This database thus far has been successful in developing new business leads and appointments for our production staff. This supplement of activity provided by Insurance Marketing Pros has proven to be extremely beneficial and is expected to add significant growth to our annual revenues. Although our relationship is still in its infancy stages, we anticipate great results and look forward to continuing our relationship on a larger and more successful level in 1999. Keep striving towards new heights!


Jack Walker, Vice President, Assurance Agency LTD., Rolling Meadows, IL

I wanted to take the time today to let you know what a great job you have done for our agency and me. I have been very pleased with your professionalism, quick response and results. We have opened many new doors because of you and your organization. Many of those I had tried to open for several years. Gerard, thank you again and keep up the good work.


Jonathan P. Ziman, CPCU, CIC, Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of New Jersey, Inc., Wayne, NJ

I am writing to you to make you aware of how our results have fared so far. Since we signed up with you in 1997, I have been very pleased with the outcome of our telemarketing agreement. The appointments made by Gerard Bradley for my producers have been of good quality and several to date have become clients. It has been an added plus for my producers and the fact that your appointments are made with viable contacts adds to the success we have achieved already and in to the future. Gerard does an excellent job and the way the Insurance market has been, obtaining quality appointments on our own has been scarce. Your firm has opened the door for my producers to many accounts they would not have been able to get into on their own. I am looking forward to continued success with Insurance Marketing Pros and will be providing a strong recommendation to the other 40+ Brokerage Services Offices across the country within the Gallagher organization.


Anthony J. Montimurro, Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of New Jersey, Inc., Wayne, NJ

As I have related to you many times over the past three years, I appreciate the quality of work done by you and your staff in prospecting for our office. We have found that the appointments provided by Insurance Marketing Pros are always well qualified, viable sales opportunities. You and your staff have proven to be very responsive in meeting our changing demands. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your staff for many years to come. Keep up the good work!


Jack Mecca, Coastal Financial Group, Inc., Parsippany, NJ

Just a brief note to thank you for the excellent opportunities that have been provided our offices from the first day of our relationship on! We have written a good number of new clients and have been provided a constant flow of new opportunities each week. We would strongly recommend you and your services to any insurance broker. Please keep up the good work.


Douglas R. Henderson, Branch President, The Horton Group Milwaukee, WI

Our agency has worked with Gerard Bradley and the Insurance Marketing Pros team since 1986. Although we maintain our own in-house new business development team, we have used Insurance Marketing Pros to supplement our activity and to work on special projects. Insurance Marketing Pros’ professionalism and responsiveness consistently stand out. Their aggressive, yet personable approach has generated many qualified appointments for our agency. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending  Insurance Marketing Pros.


John H. Yerian, Jr., CPCU, President, The Moreman-Yerian Company, Youngstown, OH

As you recall, we first met in October, 1997 at the IIAAO convention in Columbus, Ohio. After visiting with you we decided to “give it a try”. We started the campaign in March and ended approximately 90 days thereafter. The quality of the appointments was excellent but we still had some reservations. Please fast forward to November of 1998 and having more than recovered our expenditures and having developed some new accounts we began a second telemarketing campaign. Need we say more. It works. You and your team are professionals.


Thomas D. Fliege, CIC, ARM, Executive Vice President, Hawk Agency, Inc., Peoria, IL

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you personally, as well as your operation. After some significant investigation and resulting spreadsheet comparisons, I was convinced, and remain so, that yours is by far the best operation of its type available on the market today. Since contracting with your firm, I have been very pleased with your level of professionalism, and enthusiasm. I have also been very impressed with your commitment to excellence and your approach to meeting our needs. I can unreservedly recommend your company to anyone in need of outsourced telemarketing. Once again, thank you for your services, and for the manner in which you have performed them.


Patrick R. O’Sullivan, DeGeus & Klafter, Joliet, IL

I am writing to thank you of the outstanding job that both yourself and Insurance Marketing Pros has done for our agency. With the help of Insurance Marketing Pros, we have had a significant rise in new business opportunities and new business revenue. Your staff was able to adapt to our specific needs and did an outstanding job with our association program. This enabled us to write more business and recruit new members to the association, thus helping us keep the association account. Again, thanks for doing a great job!!!!


Douglas Henderson, Senior Vice-President, Laub Group Inc., Milwaukee, WI

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the very viable sales opportunities your appointments represent. We have found that you and your people can determine where real interest exists among prospects and that they are generally well prepared for our meetings. Your confirmation process work extremely well and prevents our time from being wasted. As I have related to you, we already have closed a number of deals and the data you have gathered represents even greater potential in the future. I would recommend your services to my colleagues that are members of Assurex, other brokers and agents in the Midwest, and nationally. I look forward to continuing our successful relationship and enjoy working with you and your staff. Please keep up the good work.


George Sullivan, Sullivan, Garrity and Donnelly Insurance, Worcester, MA

As an agency principal, I found Insurance Marketing Pros to be a sound addition to our marketing efforts. Their experience and ability in establishing qualified appointments complimented our sales ability to increase sales in the markets we pursued with them. The program was a cost-effective way to go beyond mere prospecting, to actually establishing solid appointments. Insurance Marketing Pros provided us with a very professional established avenue for doing so. With the complete nature of their approach, from providing the prospect list, to making the calls, to follow-up letters, calls and confirmation faxes, we were able to focus our broker’s efforts on the marketing and sales aspect. We highly recommend Insurance Marketing Pros to any agency interested in increasing their activity and sales levels.


Martin C. Muchnok, Vice President, Henderson Brothers, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

The telemarketing your firm has done for Henderson Brothers Inc. and the appointments you have set up for us has been instrumental in our writing several nice accounts. In addition, we have built up a sizable data base to work from in the future.


Kenneth T. Bender, Vice-President, Hamond Safety Management, Lake Success, NY

Just a brief note to thank you, Ed Poteet, and your staff for the excellent work you have done on behalf of Hammond Safety Management. It was apparent from day one Ed Poteet, as an experienced, licensed broker, was able to prepare your team to represent our firm in a very professional manner. We have experienced some success already and the detailed reports you have provided map out many future opportunities. I strongly recommend Insurance Marketing Pros to any other safety group or commercial lines broker. Please keep up the good work!


Kate Armfield, CIC, Principal, Armfield, Harrison & Thomas, Inc., Leesburg, VA

I wanted to thank you and Insurance Marketing Pros for your help last year in assisting AH&T with transitioning from in-house telemarketing to outsourcing this function of our agency. You all spent the time to understand our approach to writing P&C business and the issues that we feel differentiate us from the other brokers in our area. The effort you spent translated into a quick start with many quality appointments being set from the inception of our relationship. We look forward to continued success in 2000.


Sam Rogers Sr., Sales Manager, Rogers, Atkins, Gunter & Associates Insurance, Inc., Tallahassee, FL

Performance is the key to success; and Insurance Marketing Pros has performed for us. We have just finished our first 100 hour campaign with them in which they provided us with 30 solid appointments. We have been impressed with: Ample supply of leads; Solid appointments dates; Professional confirmation letter on our letterhead; and Customer preparedness for our visit (i.e. insurance data on hand for our review). We have signed up for another 100 hour campaign as we are convinced Insurance Marketing Pros delivers what thy promise.


Douglas Dilley, Branch Manager, George Petersen Insurance Agency, Santa Rosa, CA

Our agency contracted with Joe Rohan at Insurance Marketing Pros for an initial 100 hour test program for telemarketing services. The test effort began in October of 1997. We were sufficiently pleased with the results of 30 appointments in the first 100 hours. Subsequently, we choose to continue with their services under a telemarketing plan for 1998. Insurance Marketing Pros has delivered on various commitments, including the SIC code prospect list with projected premiums, prompt notification of scheduled appointments to our office by FAX, follow up appointment confirmation letters to prospects, and a summary of telemarketing efforts on disk. We have received positive feedback from our appointments regarding the manner in which telemarketing phone calls were handled. We can recommend the services provided by Insurance Marketing Pros.


John Willemsen, President & CEO, Advantage Risk Management Services, Inc., Kinnelon, NJ

Thank you and Ed for the incredible assistance you provided us. I am confident that our expansion plans have been complimented by your firm’s commitment to quality appointments. As a rapidly expanding managing general agency for Public Entity business, we were impressed with the results you were able to generate in our market niche. You should feel comfortable knowing that any MGA or wholesaler would be as equally impressed.


James E. McGovern, President, James E. McGovern Inc., Belmont, CA

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your staff on the outstanding job you have done or our agency. Your people are polite and knowledgeable about the products being sold. I will continue to utilize your service on contractors and restaurants. Again, thank you very much


Stuart E. Cohen, Somers Agency, Granite Springs, NY

I am writing to update you on the current success we are having as result of your telemarketing activity targeting trucking companies. As in the past we find the appointments booked by your representatives to be very well qualified. The use of the Inter-State Commerce Commission filings allow us to market to these transportation companies immediately before their expiration dates. Thank you for suggesting this list to us. I especially appreciate the excellent communications between your Marketing Coordinator, D.J. Cordes and our office. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship.


Edward J. Ference-Gray, CIC, Vice President, Cotterell, Mitchell & Fifer, Inc., New York, NY

Many thanks for all your help during our recent telemarketing sales campaign. As usual, it’s a pleasure working with professionals who understand both the insurance business and the telemarketing business.


Robert Levine, S & M Klein Company, Inc., Forest Hills, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a job well done. You have kept me very busy with all the qualified appointments provided to me. The prospects are prepared for our appointments due to the prequalification process. The Agency has already written several new policies from the leads. I am certain we will write several additional policies from the current prospects. Keep up the Great Work.


Christine Cunning, Cunning Insurance Agency, Norwell, MA

We highly recommend the services of Insurance Marketing Pros to those interested in pursuing well qualified new prospects. We found their particular telemarketing process to be well-planned, thorough and professional. As many agencies and producers know, telemarketing can be difficult, and inefficient to do in-house. We found these services to be handled efficiently and professionally by Insurance Marketing Pros. The systematic approach including consistent follow-up, kept the producer on their toes and prevented leads from being wasted. They also customized the program to our particular agency style, as well as to the market and geographical area. All in all we were very pleased with the professional services provided by Insurance Marketing Pros.